Zen Goshin Ryu, the complete Martial Arts School that offers training in:-

            - Traditional Karate

            - Ju Jutsu Self Defence

            - Kung Fu

            - Kickboxing

            - Traditional Weapons training Bokken (Japanese Sword) and Jo Staff

  • No expensive direct debits or contracts to sign up to.  Our fees are simple:-
           - £18.00 per calendar month for cadets and £20.00 per calendar month for junior/adults. 
              Training fees include all student insurance and membership fees
            - Uniforms from £12.50

  • Practical and effective self defence techniques
  • Friendly training environment
  • Accessible to all ages, fitness levels and abilities
  • Instructors are fully insured and are Enhanced DBS checked
  • The club where everyone is equal and everyone can excel

    To ensure that all students get the best possible training, the syllabus and classes are split into the following age groups

    Cadets           Students aged from 5 - 11 years of age

    Juniors           Students aged from 12 - 15 years of age

    Adults            Students aged 16 and over

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